Overview 04: Major Writing Assignments



There are several required major writing assignments in English 101 at Coppin State University.  These assignments are designed to assist you in developing your skills in different modes of academic discourse.  Through completing them, you will learn how to write effectively for different situations and different audiences.  The major writing assignments in English 101 are as follows:

  1. The Narrative Essay: An essay telling the story of someone or something. 


  1. The Expository Essay: An essay providing background or explanation of a subject. 

  2. The Comparison-Contrast Essay: An essay analyzing the similarities and differences between two things.
  3. The Argument Essay: An essay persuading its audienceof a question of fact, causality, quality, or action. 


  1. The Writing Process Analysis Essay:  A reflective essay that discusses the writer’s use of the Writing Process over the course of his or her engagement in English 101. 

All of these essays are required to pass English 101, but your instructor may require other essays as well.   

In the assignment descriptions following this page, there are several prompts listed for each assignment.  Your teacher will select the variation of each assignment that the class will complete.