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Core Files

These are the core source files for the Open Writing Text, in DOCX (MS Word) format. They can easily be converted to OpenOffice files, Rich Text Format (RTF), or pure text (TXT) files. Instructors should feel free to use these documents as class handouts, supplements to other texts, or as primary textbook materials. These files can be adapted and altered as the user sees fit, as long as the use is a.) non-commericial and b.) credit is given to OpenWriting.Org.


Complete Text (12.9MB)


Chapter 00
Front Matter and Table of Contents

Chapter 1
From the Coordinator of Freshman Writing

Chapter 2
MLA Manuscript Format

Chapter 3
The English 101 Portfolio

Chapter 3.1
Major Writing Assignments

Chapter 3.2
Narrative Essay

Chapter 3.3
Compare-Contrast Essay

Chapter 3.4
Argument Essay

Chapter 3.5
Writing Process Analysis Essay

Chapter 4
Short Writing Assignments

Chapter 5
The Writing Process
Chapter 5.1

Generating Ideas

Chapter 5.2
Organizing a Writing Plan

Chapter 5.3.1
Thesis Statements

Chapter 5.3.2
Developing Details & Evidence

Chapter 5.3.3
Introductions &Conclusions

Chapter 5.4
Editing & Revision

Chapter 5.5

Chapter 6
Grammar & Mechanics

Chapter 6.1
Sentence Fragments

Chapter 6.2
Run-on Sentences

Chapter 6.3
Subject-Verb Agreement

Chapter 6.4

Chapter 6.5
Verb Tense

Chapter 6.6

Chapter 6.7
Comma Usage

Chapter 6.8

Chapter 7
Rhetorical Skills

Chapter 8
Introduction to Academic Research

Chapter 9
Sample Writing Assignments

Chapter 10
Grading Standards

Chapter 11

Chapter 12
Appendix A: Exercise Solutions

Chapter 13
Appendix B:

Chapter 14