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OpenWriting.Org is an online collaborative project that seeks to make basic college-level writing instruction materials available, free of charge, to the largest possible community of learners.

OpenWriting.Org acheives this goal through the publication, hosting, and online maintenance of the Open Writing Text, a book-length collection of lessons and writing materials suitable for use in the college classroom or for independent study.

OpenWriting.Org seeks to serve a diverse community of writers--of all levels--by making these materials freely available, either for online viewing or as a downloadable ebook.

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Eunita Ochola, Ph.D.

JoEllen Lofton

Ellen Carter Cooper

Full source files for the OpenWriting text are available here:  

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Table of Contents
[current edition 1.0]

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Chapter 6
Grammar & Mechanics

Chapter 6.1
Sentence Fragments

Chapter 6.2
Run-on Sentences

Chapter 6.3
Subject-Verb Agreement

Chapter 6.4

Chapter 6.5
Verb Tense

Chapter 6.6

Chapter 6.7
Comma Usage

Chapter 6.8

Chapter 7
Rhetorical Skills

Chapter 8
Introduction to Academic Research

Chapter 9
Sample Writing Assignments

Chapter 10
Grading Standards

Chapter 11

Chapter 12
Appendix A: Exercise Solutions

Chapter 13
Appendix B:

Chapter 14